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How To Get Money Quickly And Easily In Binary Options

What are Binary options? Binary is similar to forex, only binary is more complete with market instruments. In forex, in general, the market instrument is just a comparison of currencies and some commodities such as gold and silver, but in Binary, it starts with a comparison of currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities such as gold and silver.

money in binary is to become a trader, and the method is simpler than trading in forex.We only predict market prices, there are several ways to trade in binary, including:
  1. Prices Go Up/Down, for example we predict the price of gold will rise in the next 5 minutes, if it turns out that the price of gold is higher than the current price then we are profitable
  2. Higher/lower, for example, we predict the price of gold will be higher than a certain price level in the next 1 hour.
  3. Touching / not touching, if we predict the price of gold will touch a certain level within the next 1 day, then if gold touches the price that is decided it means we are profitable.
  4. Inside/outside, predicting the price in a certain time period will be in a certain range or out of the specified range.
You can try either one, but what I like the most is setting the price up or down within a certain time. In this case you can predict in the next 15 seconds or it can be 1 year in the future, but my advice is enough for 30 seconds or 60 seconds, because if the prediction is according to money, we can directly afford it in that time.

The minimum required capital for this business is only $5 if you go through wmz or a similar money currency, or $10 if you use a local bank through an official binary distributor in Indonesia, and the best thing is that it supports Indonesian language. But if you just want to know and want to try playing on the demo with virtual money and without risk, you can try trading on a virtual account.
  • How to get started, just visit the site, click this linkBinary Trading
  • Then select open an account, then there is the option of registering with a real account or virtual account, you click on a virtual account if you want to learn first, or go directly to a real account if you want to use factual money.
  • If you use a virtual account, you just need to set up an email address, but if you use a real account, prepare an ID card, because the data must match the ID card, so that it will be easy for the next transaction
  • Then check your email after registering, and once registered you are ready to trade virtually or deposit some money and trade for real.

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