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How To Receive Money From Facebook Without Capital

Facebook is one of the public media that until now has been able to maintain its existence as an entertainment medium for itsusers. However, now many are using it as a source of income. Therefore, many are looking for ways to earn money from Facebookwithout capital.

Tips for Building a Small Capital Entrepreneur

Several ways to earn from

facebook a. Online store

Opening an online shop business on Facebook is also in great demand by sellers of fashion products, cosmetics, and tools. There are many conveniences provided such as a messenger that makes it easier for traders and buyers to make further transactions.

The more friends there are, the more people will want to see the online store products that we sell according to what has been uploaded on the fanpage or group.

b. Affiliate Business

Affiliate business is also quite effective in carrying out one of the largest social media in the world. The system works is that we are in charge of uploading a company's link ad on Facebook to increase the number of visitors to the link ad.

The main goal is to get buyers of the company's products that we advertise. If we succeed in attracting customers to shop, then we will get a commission from the company. This method is very easy because it only relies on thumbs to spread link ads on Facebook.

c. Facebook Fanpage Monetization

One way to earn money from Facebook, which is now famous for fanpage monetization. The trick is to create captivating videos on the Facebook fanpage, attract as many audiences as possible by calling friends and sharing posts on the fanpage to various social media. Like YouTube, Facebook fanpage videos also provide high income. But with conditions that are not easy, namely having at least 10,000 fanpage followers and having 30,000 impressions of 1 minute views for 3-minute videos.

Reference source:Facebook Business Help

These methods can be run by Facebook enthusiasts as a promotional medium. Well, until here about how to get money from facebook without capital. Hope it's useful.

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