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How To Receive Money On The Internet With Affiliate Programs

How to earn money online with affiliate programs

Understanding Affiliate Programs in Online Business
Affiliate program is a collaboration program between us as marketers and the company as product owner.affiliate mercant), where we will get a commission every time we sell a productfrom the company that owns the product. The affiliate program is one of thehow to earn moneyon the internet easily.

Types of affiliate programs

There are various types of affiliate programs, but they are broadly divided into 6 types:
  • Pay per sale
We get paid every time we do affiliate product marketing, for example ebook products the commission is 50% so if the ebook price is $50 then the profit we get is $25, that's fine. If the pay per sale commission varies from a few percent to 75% or even more.
  • Pay per Lead
This type of program will pay a fixed rate for each lead (people who register for a program) through our affiliate link. Usually there are certain qualifications for each lead, so affiliate merchants have the right to determine whether people who register through our link match the qualifications.
Pay-per-lead commissions are typically between 20 cents to $20 or more for qualified leads who fill out a complete application
  • Pay per Search
Commissions are given when people search through the search box on our website and then click on one of the search results, this event.
  • Recurring
At recurring events merchants give us regular commissions within a fixed century. This affiliate program allows us to receive fixed income every month in just one time inviting consumers to join or subscribe to the merchant program. For example, subscription TV shows.
  • Pay per Click
This program is very well known, where we are paid every time an audience clicks on an ad that we put on our website. For example google adsense.
  • Hybrid
Combination 2 is more affiliate events, for example we get paid 15 cents for each person who clicks on our ad and give 20% commission for each person who clicks on the ad also purchases the product.

That's how to receive money on the internet with affiliate programs, if friends want to practice immediately, I suggest the following affiliate programs:
Income Dollars forEnglish affiliate links.

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