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How to Write Unique Posts Quickly

Writing Articles with Right Brain Ability

Menulis Artikel dengan kemampuan otak kanan Cara Menulis Artikel Unik Dengan Cepat
I deliberately gave the title about writing an article immediately because based on my own experience, after a few days I had no idea at all or blank about what to post. I was inspired by some great people like Ippo "right" Santoso, Ari Ginanjar about how to employ right brain abilities. So what is the relationship between right brain abilities and writing unique articles immediately? Ok let's discuss it here.
The basic difference between right and left brain tasks in writing posts lies in how to write them. If the way the left brain works, it must look for sources of several references and then do copywriting based on the correct structure and examples and must pay attention to the rules set out in writing. Usually it takes a rather long process (except for copy-paste posts) and in one day you may only be able to write a few articles. But pay attention to how the right brain works, for beginners like me, the writing might be a bit messy, because you don't think much and it seems like you just write, but the effect is that you can write many articles in a day and after paying attention the quality is not much different from writing using a lot of thinking.

The basic principle of writing posts immediately

The principle is to rely on "brainstorming" aka the local language of inspiration or rely on the ability of the subconscious. The steps that must be carried out are:
  • Before starting writing, try to relax the whole body, if necessary, use techniques such as meditation, or meditation which basically makes the assumption relaxed, there is no burden.
  • Pray and be grateful, this is the most important stage because here is the important point.
  • Determine the theme to be written that you have mastered.
  • Ask the almighty for the ability to write amazing articles/like (name of top author).
  • Start writing and don't be afraid to make mistakes, just write down the ideas that come spontaneously to your mind.
  • After the conclusion, try to re-look at your friend's writing, if a new friend is practicing for the first time, generally many words are awkward, but can be corrected later.
  • When you're done, don't forget to say thank you again...
Beberapa kiat pelengkap perihal cara menulis artikel unik dengan mengandalkan kemampuan otak kanan, untuk penulisan sekali, 2 kali, 3 kali hingga berulang kali mungkin penulisan sobat masih tidak teratur, atau masih sukar dikenali oleh pembaca namun percayalah kalau sahabat tekun dan percaya, suatu ketika sobat akan menjadi seorang penulis jago! atau paling tidak blogger mahir,,, Beberapa hal yang juga harus sobat amati, untuk mengawali  bantu-membantu tetap tidak mampu meninggalkan otak kiri hanya porsinya seperlunya saja dan tetap butuh acuan. Selamat menjajal , supaya berfaedah..

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