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Indonesian Part Time Freelancer Jobs

part time job vacancies- Are you an online job seeker looking for part time job vacancies as a freelancer or want to build a business online? Maybe in this article can provide a solution for you. There are many sites both domestic and foreign that show designs that bring together job seekers and those that show jobs. This time I will introduce a site with such a design, but a site made by local children and specifically for Indonesians, whose credibility is no longer in doubt.

Free online job supplier site without capital

Indonesian Freelancer Forum

There are several sites that facilitate the meeting of freelance workers and project owners in one institution. One of the most popular sites in Indonesia, with the name 'Project.co.id' carries two major concepts, namely;
  • Facilitate transactions between owners (project owners) and workers (freelancers)
  • Transactions for buying and selling digital products between buyers and sellers
  • Service transactions or services, here freelancers show services according to their skills.
The basic concept for the owner is to transfer work that is considered time-consuming to someone else who is more competent in their field. The goal is to relax the work and get the best results at the cost each role pays. The work can be worth tens of thousands of rupiah to unlimited and the work can be directly delivered in the form of digital files.
The project chooser (owner) as a freelancer service user, could be the owner of a business, company, SME, HRD department, or a student who needs an assistant to help complete his college assignments. Or even anyone who needs to get their work done, all of which can be sent as a file.

The basic concept for workers, as service providers in carrying out the roles assigned by the owner, is commonly called freelancers. Free workers can carry out part-time or full-time work, but are not tied to a particular company. Working time is also not tied to a certain work area, so workers are able to carry out their work wherever they want, without reducing the quality of work.

Seller, as the owner or seller of digital products. Products that can be sold here are in the form of files, such as: ebooks, software, videos, photos, designs, and so on.

Buyer, as a buyer of digital products. Digital products available in the marketplace are products that have passed verification and validation, so they can guarantee quality products and are able to function as they should.

Benefits of joining 'Project.co.id'

 Keuntungan selaku owner (pemilik proyek) dalam mengalikan pekerjaan kepada pihak lain:

  • You believe that there are other people who have better skills in certain jobs.
  • You believe your time will be more valuable than spent on completing certain tasks.
  • Focus more on the work you should be doing.
  • Your business will continue to run 7x24 hours, because many people are ready to complete your work continuously.

Benefits as a freelancer by doing the tasks assigned by the owner

  • Relatively flexible working hours
  • Not bound by a particular company
  • Free to choose time and work area
  • Can be used as a side job
  • Very attractive income
So a little clarification from us, to register or just curious to see the site, please register and get 2 free ebooks, namely;
  • The secret to building a business empire by donating the best talents
  • The secret to making money and building a future on the internet
Good luck and so that this article can be an inspiration for you in finding part time job vacancies for freelancers in Indonesia.

Focus source:projects.co.id

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