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Online Work Input Data By Typing Captcha

Data entry work onlineat home with an income no different from working in the office is the dream of most people. But the question is how to work at home with mediocre skills? Captcha typing online work does require skill, namely typing speed. With a mediocre typing speed of course a little income, but with increasing ability the greater the income obtained.

 di rumah dengan penghasilan tidak beda dengan kerja di kantor merupakan impian sebagian b Kerja Online Input Data dengan Mengetik Captcha

Online Work Input Data Typing Captcha

Actually, this kind of work was my experience in 2011, aka 10 years ago. This job was the first time I received income from online work. Well, now in 2021, I'm curious, want to check if there is still a captcha data input service supplier site. That's why it's still there. And the coolest thing, the image performance on the homepage is still the same as before (pictured above). There are 3 men at the computer and 1 woman standing on the left.

My first time working at home by doing typing work at a captcha kolotibablo company, at that time I was still typing with 11 fingers, aka 2 index fingers. Once I gave up because in 1 month I only collected $5. After that I tried to improve my typing speed using 10 finger typing software, if you want to install the software, just search the internet for 10 finger typing software. The result the following month I received approximately $ 40, and continued to increase in the following months.

Online job site typing captcha

There are many captcha companies besides kolotibablo, here's a list of captcha companies that I have participated in and proven to spend money on:
  • Kolotibablo pays 0.35 to 1 dollar for every 1000 captcha
  • Pixprofit pays 0.5 dollar for the first 1000 captcha, then 0.5-1 dollar/1000 captcha depending on priority
  • Megatypers pay between 0.85 – 1.35$ per 1000 captcha
  • captchatypers spend between 0.8-1.25 dollars per 1000 captcha
  • qlinkgroup pays an average of 1 dollar/1000 captcha
The list of companies above is old data, yes, some still exist and some have gone bankrupt. The following are some company sites providing data input jobs that are still paying in 2021:
    • Kolotibablo
    • Captchatypers
    • Megatypers
    • 2Chaptcha
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    Tips for starting an online job type captcha

    Before starting to become a typer, you must first have an online account, which is often used, namely Webmoney (WMZ) and Perfectmoney. The average company is proven to spend money, but income depends on the speed of typing 10 fingers. And if you type directly through the website, it's usually too slow. For large incomes, it is highly recommended to use multi-id software. The typing software that still works until now is Vincaptcha. Can be downloaded atwork online datainput and the like.

    That's all for my post this time, hopefully it will be useful for all my friends, thank you.

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