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Playing Games Online Able to Gold

Playing Games Online Get Gold

For some people playing online games is a fun thing, but it will also waste a lot of time just to play for nothing. Now for fans of online games, now there are online games that can be played for free but have the potential to generate real gold. Not sure?please check here

Actually, this online game is still very new, released in August 2013 yesterday, but its members have reached tens of thousands so far. The question that arises then is how to make gold by playing this game? so what version of the game is this? how to play this online game? Okay, since I'm also new, I will explain according to my experience and some references that I can afford.

Tips for playing online games to get gold

This game model is a tactics game, where gamers have to build a city with some of the available resources. Before starting this game, you must register first, you will be registered with the country according to your IP address, after registering you must go through the initial tutorial on how to start this game. Here you will be given instructions on the basics in playing this game. After going through this stage you are ready to build your city, here I will give some instructions in playing this game:

  1. The first thing you must do is produce vegetables, meat, wood, gravel, clay and iron. But the most important first is the production of vegetables and meat. Every time you do your work, you have to wait hours until it can be harvested. My advice every time you do a production you don't have to wait for it to finish, just leave and then come back about 4 to 6 hours later.
  2. Then upgrade the road, the goal is that every home made and residents' houses can be upgraded if there is access to the road. Resources that are much needed in upgrading roads are stone and clay.
  3. Upgrade each production house so that it can be made more optimally.
  4. Adding unskilled workers in the city hall, so you don't run out of workers.
  5. Upgrade or enlarge people's houses, so that the capacity of workers remains.

Look at the picture above, there are 5 things you must observe, namely gold (gold) is the most important part of this game, level and happiness (the higher the level, the higher the happiness rate), population (if you reach one hundred percent then you must build a house new or upgraded house), storage (a place to store results), energy (every custom activity requires energy, you must maintain a balance of energy with production activities, or can spend energy with gold).

 Gambar di atas menunjukan jumlah sumber daya mencakup (sayuran, daging, kayu, besi, batu dan clay). Bila ingin memasarkan sumber daya, tinggal klik pada market dan akan menuju halaman mirip dibawah ini.

You can market or buy resources from other online game users, like the example picture above I can sell 240 vegetables at a market price of 0.0002 gold per item, so I can get 240 x 0.0002 gold.

Several ways to find gold.

  • Building a gold mine, this method is the most popular, it just takes a happiness level above 50% to be able to do this. You can extract gold between 0.1 to 0.5 grams in just 24 hours, only 1 gold mine.
  • Attacking other cities, by conquering a city you will receive taxes from that city.
  • Help or give new user references to register.
  • Make articles that are helpful and widely read by other users.
Those are some tips and pictures about playing online games to get realgold. For those of you who want to try, please click here to register.  

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