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Risks of Trading Xauusd Gold in the Forex Market

Gold trading risk– Is gold trading profitable, what are the right tricks for trading gold to make a profit? Well, let's understand the concept of trading gold as buying and selling precious metals which have relatively stable prices and tend to have increasing values.

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Tricks for trading gold in the forex market

With a fairly large risk, it turns out that trading gold in the forex market also has a very high profit potential. There are several surefire tricks for trading gold in the forex market, including:

Make an appropriate trading plan and money management, by looking at the characteristics of the XAUUSD pair which has long daily price movements that can be used to get high profits with a comparison between, stop loss (SL): take profit (TP) = 1: 2 when the issue is fever medium. When there is a recent issue of really long prices, you can use a 1:3 ratio. And when market conditions are sideway use a 1:1 ratio.

A proven trading strategy can be applied in an appropriate trading plan. For example, the art of trading management gives 60% profit and 40% loss, so a 1:1 ratio of sl and tp has given enough profit.

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Is it possible to trade gold with small capital in the forex market?

One way of trading small capital gold in the forex market is by using a cent account. With this type of account, you can invest 10 USD = 1,000 USD and 100 USD = 10,000 USD. The cent account is intended for traders and investors who are new to the world of trading and investment. The assumption is that if you use a fixed rate of 1 USD = 10,000 IDR, then gold trading with a capital of 100 thousand can be carried out.

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