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Simple And Innovative Binary Options Trading At Iq Option

Easy options trading with innovative appearance suitable for beginners

 Trading options mudah dengan tampilan yang inovatif cocok untuk pemula Trading Binary Option Sederhana Dan Inovatif di IQ Option

Trading binary options is the simplest trading platform. Because it only predicts price movements up or down within a certain duration. In this article, I will specifically discuss the iq option. At first I thought that this trading platform was the same as the others, only discussing options issues. It turned out that my estimation was wrong, it turned out that trading on iq option also showed many features and broad market instruments.

Market instruments that we can use include:
  1. Options (binary and digital)
  2. Forex
  3. Stock
  4. Crypto
  5. Commodity
  6. ETF (Exchange Trade Fund)
After a closer look, it turns out that here is not just an option, we can invest in stocks like in the stock market, forex trading. Can minimize risk by placing stop loss and take profit. And you can even trade with money management, all of which can be done at iq option. In terms of the appearance and the platform provided, I feel at ease trading on iq option, even though I mostly trade in forex and stocks. Here are some advantages that you can enjoy:
  • A more creative and easy-to-know display
  • Platforms available for PC. Android and iOS devices
  • Available options for forex with 6 digits (binary(dot)com only 4 digits)
  • It is suitable for beginners who are just learning options, forex, stocks, and so on because they are able to cover all versions of trading.
From some of the advantages above I will describe one by one according to my own experience.

Creative display and easy to understand

The picture above is the performance of a demo account on a PC, there are options to use several languages ​​including Indonesian and there are many assets (market instruments) traded.

Start trading binary options at Iq Option

The fastest way to learn options trading is to practice personally, if you are afraid of the risk of losing capital then do it first on a demo account. Here's how to open a demo account and start trading very easily. Choose one of the appropriate market assets, make sure the daily or monthly profit target. Create the perfect trading plan.
First, install the app on the Playstore for use of an Android mobile phone or for iOS owners, you can also install it from the link below.

Trading Binary Options for PC
Trading Binary Options for Android
Trading IQ Option for iOS

Then there will be an appearance like below,

Then do it you can signup or get started for free. Just prepare to fill in your name and email address, you can try demo trading from iq option to explore the various features available.

Then verify the email by opening the email that you entered, then login to the account by entering the email and password that you created when registering. Oh yes, what I really like is being able to do real demo trading. What do you mean? it means trading with only $10 capital, you can trade with money management, you know. What is clear is not trading options, but trading in forex, stocks, and others. (other than options).

I can also buy apple stock with only $1 investment. (Understood, just try it) the reason is that Apple's stock price has recently fallen badly. So buy this stock, who knows, it will return to its previous position.

Simple tutorial to start trading binary options

After logging into IQ Option, you can make transactions just by clicking the down / put and up / call buttons according to your predictions. But for trading to be more profitable, proper trading tactics are needed, for it requires more introduction about the features available in IQ Option. Here is a simple tutorial to start trading options at iq option;

Choose the type of option
This is for options trading, although I don't recommend it but there is still a tutorial. Who knows you are more interested in options, the reason for getting big profits is really fast. But worth the risk yes.

There are two types of iq options, namely binary and digital options. The difference between these two options according to experience lies in the potential benefits. Binary options tend to be lower than digital options.

 Trading options mudah dengan tampilan yang inovatif cocok untuk pemula Trading Binary Option Sederhana Dan Inovatif di IQ Option

 Trading options mudah dengan tampilan yang inovatif cocok untuk pemula Trading Binary Option Sederhana Dan Inovatif di IQ Option

Now from the picture above, the digital option gives more profit, which is a profit of up to 87% when I took this picture. While binary options only give profits between 72% to 80%. And the profit percentage can fluctuate, you know, for digital options it can give you up to 99% profit by using a pair that has OTC (Over The Counter) written on it. Usually there is when the forex market is closed, namely Saturday and Sunday.

In options trading, in principle, we estimate the price will rise or fall within a certain duration. Now the duration options are 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes, and there is a start and finish line with a duration of 30 seconds. If you're still confused, you can try it yourself on the IQ Option demo account.

Choose an asset or market instrument

 Trading options mudah dengan tampilan yang inovatif cocok untuk pemula Trading Binary Option Sederhana Dan Inovatif di IQ Option

There are 5 types of assets in iq option, namely; forex, stocks, crypto, commodities and ETFs. But not all assets are in open positions because some are open at certain hours. There are three easy steps to specifying an asset similar to the one in the image. Press the + button above (1), then select the asset type (2), select the desired asset (3).

Make appropriate money management in iq option

Money management and the right trading plan will determine the success or failure of trading for a long time. So this time I will share one simple money management that can be carried out with only $ 10 capital. (Of course for real demo trading)

For example, I will trade with a risk and reward of 1 to 2, meaning that I place a take profit that is 2x the stop loss. This means that when our trading plan gives a win rate of 40%, it still offers profit. For example, when out of the 5 open positions we made, there were only 2 that made a profit and 3 lost, so the total is still profitable.

So, in practice, IQ Option is similar to this. For example, if we install the type of forex trading with the EUR/USD pair, there will be options similar to the image below.

 Trading options mudah dengan tampilan yang inovatif cocok untuk pemula Trading Binary Option Sederhana Dan Inovatif di IQ Option

Description on the picture:
1) Our investment
2) The multiplier or leverage is between 50 and 1000, the higher the sl and the tp are shorter.
3) Closing, according to money management, here is made a 100% profit percentage and a stop loss of 50% of the funds we invest (from the picture above the investment is $ 1) so the funds we risk are $ 0.5 with the opportunity to earn up to $ 1.
4) When we place the mouse over the buy or sell button (don't click it) then a 50% and 100% bar will appear, well, that's where the sl and tp are.

Now, until here, you can trade with only $ 10 with a quiet psychology. With a capital of only $ 10 we are able to trade with a risk of only 5 percent. Just look for tactics and trading plans whose benefits are above 40%. Then you can trade like a pro trader, hehe.
But if you are already trading with fast results, then options are the right choice. All depends on you.

That's my writing about how to do binary options trading, which is simple and moreinnovative at iq option, if you want to try it, please practice it in iq option trading:

*)Every trading activity has a risk of loss, do demo trading to get a suitable trading strategy.

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