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Trading Experience With Ea Forex Robot

Experience trading with robots or EAs (Expert Advisors). Forex robot testimonialsand forex robot profits. As well as study problems regarding the use of robots. I started trading with trading robots since 2014. Many experience profits from forex trading robots, but not a few experiences are harmed by robots. Initially I used a free forex robot that was obtained from forums in Indonesia, such as Indomt5, Soehoe and several other trading forums.

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Conclusion about trading with ea forex robots

Now from the explanation about the experience of trading with the ea forex robot above, it can be concluded that forex trading using the ea robot can still generate consistent profits until 2021. Be wise and careful in choosing the ea robot, if you use the ea robot in forex trading. Recognize and understand the algorithms used by the forex trading robot you are using, the reason is that robots are only human-made activities.

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