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Writing Posts Paid Dollars On Iwriter

Write Dollar Paid Articles Without Testing on iwriter

There are many sites that offer post writing jobs with direct rewards once your post is approved, but in general you have to pass arigorous test to qualify as a writer. Incidentally a few days ago I came across a site that got a job writing posts paid for dollarsAfter the post is approved, the unique thing about this site is that there is no entry selection to become an author, anyone can become a writer. His name is iWriter, which is a site that brings together writers and people who need articles.

Menulis Artikel Dibayar Dolar Tanpa Tes di iwriter Menulis Artikel Dibayar Dolar di iWriter

Most of the work is in accordance with orders from posting subscribers, if we want our articles to be approved, it is mandatory to follow all the expectations of the buyer. There are three levels for writers, if you are new to the list, enter the standard level, after that the premium level, and the elite level. Pay for the standard level is around 2.4 dollars, while the premium level can be 5 dollars, and the elite 10 dollars for articles with a length of 500 words.

The picture on the side shows my account, at number 1 shows the balance of the results of writing articles, can be disbursed to paypal once a week, or once every 2 weeks or once a month depending on our goals with a minimum balance of $ 20. Number 2 shows the rating given by the requester to my writing, and the level.

Each time you do an article, there is a time provided, which is about 3 hours for a 500 word post or depending on the length of the article. Why should there be time in writing posts? the reason is that every post offered can be done by anyone according to their respective levels and is contested, so if it can't be done in the allotted time, then other writers can post it.

The following is a pattern of work provided by the post orderer. If you want articles to be approved more easily then look for requesters who have an approval rate above 70 percent, as in the reference below, for example, we choose the approval rate of 82% with English (US) articles, the length of the post is at least 300 words, the fee is $1.62 and time offered is 2 hours.

Menulis Artikel Dibayar Dolar Tanpa Tes di iwriter Menulis Artikel Dibayar Dolar di iWriter

Then click without the plus on the left, and a picture like the one above will appear. First you have to watch the special instructions from the requester, if we are able to do it then click write post. On the left is the keyword from the post, and my suggestion should be that the keyword must be in the article title.

Menulis Artikel Dibayar Dolar Tanpa Tes di iwriter Menulis Artikel Dibayar Dolar di iWriter

A tip for those of you who have difficulty writing English directly, can use google translate (leaning to US English). We write posts in Indonesian and then translate them into English, then check the grammar using MS Word. Don't copy and paste the ms word pen directly into iwriter, it should be pasted first into notepad and then to iwriter.

For those of you, blog or web owners who need articles, you can also shop for quality contenton iwriter according to the keywords you want. To view the site please visit iWriter.com.

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